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At The Wonderful World of Roxy Tart, I’m on a mission to celebrate the extraordinary, the whimsical, and the wonderfully colorful side of life. I’m your compass to navigate the world of alternative living, where rainbow goth, witchy wonders, and over-the-top extravagance reign supreme. My passion is to empower and inspire fabulous women and men to embrace their inner magic, live out loud, and revel in the joy of a lifestyle that's truly their own.

Through a kaleidoscope of eclectic style, dazzling beauty, and enchanting adventures, I’ll guide you on a journey to self-expression and self-love. I’m your go-to source for fashion that defies norms, beauty that's an art form, and travel that ignites your wanderlust.

My promise is to provide you with practical tips, creative inspiration, and a touch of whimsy to craft your own unique, fabulous path. Join me as we celebrate a life that's vibrant, glamorous, and utterly unforgettable. Welcome to a world where being your authentic self is the ultimate adventure. Embrace the magic, live the rainbow, and always, dare to be fabulous!

The Newsletters

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Unveil your inner potential and embrace your mystic journey with our 'Enchanted Empowerment Coven' – a transformative membership offering Etsy discounts, course savings, spellbinding newsletters, and weekly spells to awaken your magic.

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Discover a world of magical possibilities with our free 'WitchCraft & Wellness' newsletter, welcoming everyone with an open heart and mind to explore diverse mystical practices for personal growth and connection.

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Dive into the enchanting realm of self-care and magic with the free FairyWell newsletter, where every weekly issue brings you a whimsical blend of self-care tips, mystical musings, and a sprinkle of fairy dust to brighten your journey.

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The Enchanted Empowerment Coven is a sacred space designed to embrace and celebrate our shared love for magic, personal growth, transformation, and self-care. As a member, you will enjoy exclusive benefits and have a unique opportunity to shape the future of our coven as we embark on this enchanting journey together.

Shop My Life

Welcome to my world of curated delights! Dive into the essence of my lifestyle by exploring my Amazon storefront, where you'll find a handpicked selection of my favorite products that reflect my taste and preferences. From trendy gadgets to cozy home essentials, each item tells a unique story about what brings joy to my life. Additionally, immerse yourself in the creativity that flows through me on Pinterest, where I offer a collection of things that inspire me, and that I use every day. These creations capture moments of inspiration, encapsulating my passion and artistic spirit. Embark on a journey to "shop my life" and uncover a treasure trove of items that resonate with my journey and personality. Your shopping experience is an extension of my world – a fusion of style, creativity, and cherished moments.

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Self-Esteem Challenge

Boost Your Confidence and Improve Your Life with Our 5 Day Self-Esteem Challenge!

Our program is designed to guide you through a series of practical tools and exercises that will help you develop a more positive self-image, challenge negative beliefs, and build confidence in yourself. Over 5 days, you'll learn how to cultivate self-love, self-compassion, and self-confidence, all while moving at your own pace.


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